The Aromas of Wine Sensory Experience.

Immerse your olfactory by nosing and discussing delicate aromas and bouquets of Edna Valley AVA wines. Your 90-minute experience begins in our new Hospitality Room where you’ll learn the various aromas prevalent in wine varietals, how various terroirs and winemaking practices affect them, the Aromatic family they belong to and in which grape varietals they present themselves.  A unique way to discover the fascinating nuances of California’s coolest climate wine region.

🍷 $35 non-refundable deposit | +$35 per tasting

Wednesday - Sunday by appointment only.

*Club member and up to three guests complimentary. Reservation deposit will be refunded at time of experience.


Stay | La Posada + Hacienda

Discover timeless serenity and Spanish allure at our San Luis Obispo bed and breakfast in the heart of California’s Edna Valley wine region. Relax and rejuvenate in one of eight uniquely appointed bed and breakfast suites at La Posada. For an elegant vacation escape with the spacious amenities of home, the enchanting Hacienda awaits.